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Roy’s Musings


Below are links to the short Essays penned by Roy Hewson and included in our 70th Anniversary Booklet.


Please note the pages below include additional material produced by Roy since the originals were published.




1. Clichés in Safety

2. What the Boss Wants

3. What the Boss Needs

4. Overlooked, Tolerated and Ignored

5. I Wish Someone had told me That

6. You will never know. . .

7. What makes a Safety Officer

8. Hard and Soft Impact

9. Not for Cissies

10. The Need to Tell Everyone.

11. Imagine That

12. Has it Happened Before

13. An Adequate Response

14. The Size of Your Task

15. Safety is Common Sense

16. Don’t Walk Past It

17. A Priceless Asset

18. Audit an Accident

19. Are You Ready?

20. Everything You Need

21. Unpleasant Consequences

22. Reflect Revise and Review

23. Scoring own Goals.

24. Safety Culture

25. Rules Practices and Procedures

26. Know Thyself

27. Lack of Trust

28. Working Smarter

29. Pressure Situations

30. Get it Checked

31. The Unreasonable Man

32. Profit From Safety

33. Set the Tone

34. Current Messages

35. The Common Good.

36. Whistle-blowers

37. Mentoring

38. A Long Way

39. Do Me A Favour

40. Corporate Memory


Hard copies of the original booklet can be obtained from our Hon Sec Mrs Ann Jones.  annjonessafety@aol.com


Please feel free to distribute them freely where they will do the most good.